There are a ton of terrific local comedians in the Missoula area, but for some reason, it's not often that we get a lot of big comic names coming through town. Recently we've had people like Kyle Kinane or Steve-O, which has been cool to see... although, on the flip side of things, Trevor Noah has been scheduled to play at the Adams Center since 2020 and just keeps delaying it on us.

So if you're a comedy fan, here's some exciting news - legendary comedian Paula Poundstone will be bringing her show to The Wilma in Missoula on Friday, October 7th.

Paula Poundstone is Coming to the Wilma

Paula Poundstone has been performing stand-up since the '80s, but a newer generation might know her best for her prolific podcasting work - I've dipped in and out of Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me over the years, but she's been a consistently great highlight of the show whenever she shows up. Plus, her bit about Pop-Tarts from back in the '90s is terrific.

If you want to head to the show, you'll need to buy tickets at Logjam Presents' website. They'll go on sale on Friday, June 17th.

And hopefully, this is an indication that more major comedy acts will be coming through Missoula in the near future. Is there a comedian that you'd love to see perform live here in town? Or are you satisfied with having to road trip to Seattle to see your favorite comics?

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