The Pharaohplex Drive-In in Hamilton has quickly become a staple of the community - for a long time, it was the only way you could see a movie on the big screen in Hamilton. Now, the actual Pharoahplex Theater has reopened for certain screenings, but the drive-in is still going strong - and they just got a major upgrade, too.

The Pharaohplex Drive-In Just Installed a Brand New Sound System

If you've been to the Pharoahplex before, you know that you drive up, pay your fee for admission, and then watch the movie from your car by tuning into a radio frequency so the sound can come through.

But the Pharoahplex just installed a brand new sound system for the drive-in, meaning things are going to be a little different - now, there's no radio necessary!

According to their Facebook post, the drive-in now boasts a state of the art Dolby Digital Cinema outdoor sound system. So you don't even have to be in your car at all! Now you can bring a folding chair, a bean bag, a blanket, or whatever you want and sit right on the front lawn to watch the movie on the 50 foot screen outside.

I gotta say, that sounds pretty great - especially with the right movie. They're currently showing Top Gun: Maverick, which I thought was an awesome experience in the IMAX theater here in Missoula... but I may have to trek out to Hamilton for round 2 at the drive-in.

For more updates on everything happening over at the Pharaohplex, you can follow them on their Facebook page.

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