On Wednesday, Missoula Police asked the public through media and social media to help identify two men thought to be associated with a series of local bike thefts. According to Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh, that request was met.

"Between the media coverage and our Facebook post we have had at least two people identify one of the persons depicted in the surveillance photos. That combined with investigative efforts in our detective division led to a suspect identified as 27-year-old Jason Davis."

Davis was originally not called a suspect by police, but simply someone "associated" with possible suspects. However, Davis apparently gave enough information to police to result in an arrest.

There is another man police were looking for (seen in the photo below), but pictures of the second suspect are much more difficult to read.

Photo courtesy of Missoula Police Department

"The case is obviously under investigation still," Welsh said. "We don't credit Mr. Davis with every bike theft in town. Many of those investigation are ongoing. We are collecting more information about this case that could potentially identify the other person.

It is unclear how many bikes thefts are being associated with Davis, but it must be over $1,500 worth of bikes as he is being charged with felony theft.