The Montana Commissioner of Political Practices has levied a fine against the Montana Board of Regents for a violation of the State Code of Ethics.

Commissioner Jeff Mangan, in the case of Adams v The Board of Regents, ruled that the Board violated the ethics code in two separate instances.

“The Montana Board of Regents did indeed have to fall under the state of Montana’s code of ethics, and found that on two occasions under two meetings they violated that code when they improperly used state facilities and state equipment at two of their board meetings to solicit or support a ballot issue.”

Mangan said his office levied a fine against the Board of Regents of $3,000.

Reached at her office on Thursday, spokesperson for the Montana Board of Regents, Blair Fjeseth said the board accepts the commissioner’s decision.

“The complaint was upheld and we totally understand that and we were in the wrong ion regards to how board members speak about the six mill levy during board meetings and other public functions,” she said. “We’re requested clarification from the commissioner on where that money can come from and how we allocate it. Those are details we’re working through right now.”

Like all state agencies, the Board of Regents has been required to cut their budget in response to the crisis that occurred in the last legislative session, so at this time, it is not known where the $3,000 will come from to pay the fine.

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