The National Weather Service is reporting that Monday's snowfall set a record for that date at the Missoula International Airport.

Meteorologist Jen Kitzmiller provided details early Tuesday morning.

"Here at the airport we had three and a half inches, which by the way was a record for that date," said Kitzmiller. "The higher amounts fell right in the center of town and the maximum amount that was reported was about nine inches."

Kitzmiller referred to a map on her screen at the airport that showed the various snowfall amounts in Missoula.

"From this map," she continued. "Down on the south side of town, like the south end of Reserve Street was one of the higher hit areas, and then I know some of the areas out by Pattee Canyon and then over towards Clinton, those areas were pretty hard hit, as well."

Kitzmiller said there was an intense band of snow that lingered over Missoula for several hours on Monday.

"If you think about it, a lot of that really came in a three or four hour period yesterday morning, so it was a pretty intense snowfall."

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