The tour buses were out and about in the northwestern part of Hamilton Tuesday as a small tour of Halloween decorations moved along what the senior care and retirement homes call "Scarecrow Loop." Many retirement and care facilities are clustered around North 8th and North 10th Streets in Hamilton. And the residents like to see the Halloween decorations. So, buses from Sapphire Lutheran Homes, Discovery Care Center, Valley View Estates, Riverfront and Beehive Homes made short stops (see photo below) at each display of the various centers. The passengers enjoyed treats and took photos.

Dominic Farrenkopf of Sapphire Lutheran Homes said this has become an annual tour for the residents and a fun, cooperative event for the various centers. He hopes to expand the tour in the coming years. The MSU Extension Service Hamilton Walking Map also has a special route included for the Scarecrow Loop. Many agree that the Beehive Homes "Body Werks" truck repair display was the most creative - and the funniest (see above photo).

scarecrow loop tour buses
The Scarecrow Loop tour buses at one of the stops. (Steve Fullerton, Townsquare Media)

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