The Roaring Lion Fire continues to live up to its name, roaring through an estimated 3,000 acres since yesterday evening. According to Fire Information Officer Mike Cole, strong winds helped fan the flames.


"There was a lot of activity yesterday afternoon [August 2]," said Cole. "About 6:30 the fire got to rocking and rolling and burned through quite a few additional acres last night. There was enough smoke that the Sheriff's Department closed U.S. 93 for about five hours."

There was some good news.

"The good news is it looks like it didn't have any additional damage to homes or anything, it was mostly burning in forest. A lot of the area in the south, in the Ward Crick drainage and some of the area to the north in the Sawtooth Creek drainage. Right now we are up an estimated 7,130 acres."

Cole said fire crews plan on making the most out of the cooler weather today and hope to button up defenses on the east flank of the fire near homes from the Sawtooth drainage in the north down to Camas Creek.