A Seeley Lake Chiropractor has been ordered to pay $100,000 in restitution to Montana’s Medicaid Program.

Attorney General Tim Fox provided details about the fraud case filed against 48 year-old Andrew Lance Bohlman who appeared in Missoula District Court in October and pleaded guilty to one count of fraud by common scheme, a felony.

“Medicaid is a jointly funded federal and state insurance program for low income people and our Medicaid Fraud Control Unit investigates instances where providers might defraud our Medicaid program,” said Fox. “Today, we announced that we have a guilty plea from Dr. Andrew Lance Bohlman  of Seeley Lake. Our investigation found that he was charging the Medicaid program for treatments that weren’t done, charging for patients he didn’t see, and a number of other things that amounted to the tune of $100,000, which he has been ordered to pay in restitution to the Montana Medicaid Program.”

According to a press release from the Montana Department of Justice;

'Data review and interviews with patients and their parents revealed that from at least January 2012 to January 2016, Bohlman billed Medicaid almost exclusively for two types of chiropractic treatments on almost every single patient on every single visit.  Both of the services have high-paying reimbursement rates. Not only were some patients seeing Bohlman for ailments other than those related to their backs, but he was also billing for treatments that occurred when the patients weren’t there, were no longer patients, or prior to ever meeting them.'

Fox said there were 51 inaccurate medical records filed over 1,700 dates of service.

Bohlman was sentenced on December 2 to six years in the Montana State Prison, deferred, and was also placed on supervised probation.

Attorney General Fox advised anyone who may feel that they have been defrauded should contact the Medicaid Fraud Control Hotline at 1-800-376-1115.

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