A semi-truck struck and ran over a motorcyclist early Wednesday afternoon at the intersection of Brooks and Reserve. The motorcyclist was alive and breathing and was taken to the hospital with undetermined injuries.

Missoula Police Department Public Information Officer Travis Welsh was on the scene of the accident and said several witnesses provided details on the incident that appeared to be a hit and run.

"The motorcyclist was said to be down, however he was conscious and breathing," Welsh said. "Witnesses informed us that the semi truck continued down U.S. Highway 93 towards Lolo. The motorcyclist was quickly loaded into an ambulance and rushed to the hospital. The truck driver was located in Lolo and the driver was identified."

Welsh said the motorcyclist was attempting to head south on Brooks when the full-size 18-wheel semi occupied the same space.

"The motorcyclist entered the intersection on the green light, however the semi who had initiated a right turn on the red light was already in the intersection. As he swerved away from the semi he realized there were vehicles coming in the opposing lanes of traffic, so he swerved back towards the southbound lanes and was sandwiched between the two vehicles and went down. It appears that the tires from the semi trailer actually rolled over him."

Welsh said normal traffic resumed at about 1:45 p.m. The condition of the motorcyclist is not known, nor is the name of the semi driver, or what company the vehicle may have belonged to.

The incident is under investigation by the Missoula Police department and the Montana Motor Carrier Service.

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