On Sunday night, Montana Senator Steve Daines took part in overnight patrols with ICE agents on the southern border to see first hand what interdiction methods are being used, and the challenges that are being faced by law enforcement.

“We saw first hand the impact of a porous border, in fact, I would describe it as porous and primitive,” said Daines. “They are capturing hundreds of illegals every night in the Rio Grande Valley sector.”

Daines described the interdiction efforts first hand as he rode along with ICE and border patrol agents.

“We were with the agents in their Suburbans and their pickup trucks, and they were on the radios and agents sighted a group of illegals running across a field,” he said. “We drove towards them and the agents got their flashlights out and a foot chase ensued. They captured two men and we stood right there with them. They were from Honduras. They were on there way, one for New York and the other was headed to Miami.”

Daines said the greatest danger at the border, aside from the hundreds of illegals coming across the border every night, was the drugs.

“Perhaps the biggest takeaway that I had from the entire night was the fact that we are seeing a flood of drugs pouring across our southern border,” he said. “They estimate that they’re stopping approximately ten percent of the illegal drugs that are coming across the border. This is meth, its fentanyl, its cocaine, its heroin and its marijuana.”

Accompanying Daines during the night patrol was Senator David Perdue of Georgia.

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