Just before testimony began on the third and final day of the Senate Hearing to confirm President Trump’s choice of Brett Kavanaugh, Montana’s Steve Daines and South Carolina’s Tim Scott compared notes over the process to that point.

“It’s remarkable,” Daines began. “We have a judge that’s been on the D.C. Circuit Court that faces some of the most complex cases in the nation for 12 years. I think there are only two current justices on the Supreme Court that served longer on the circuit court than Judge Kavanaugh, so this is a judge that comes in with no surprises. His record is laid out for all to see. Unfortunately, they tried to turn this hearing into a circus.”

Daines took a question from a constituent from Montana about Kavanaugh’s stance on the fourth amendment and the issue of privacy, and that he would not legislate from the bench.

“I specifically asked that question of Judge Kavanaugh when he visited with me in July,” he said. “In Montana, privacy is a big issue, and in fact, we’ve had a lot of tech executives on the Hill here of late talking about privacy and I dug in deep on this issue and I came to the conclusion that this is one man who understands the fourth amendment and can make that translation in terms of the high tech industries of today.”

Montana’s senior Senator Jon Tester did not meet with Judge Kavanaugh before the hearings.

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