It always raises an eyebrow when you see something billed as the "first annual" event. I always think to myself "boy, they sure are confident that the first one is going to be a success if they're saying it'll happen again next year." But this one would be an exception to the rule. We had a pretty good feeling that the first party dedicated to the Griz football season would be a hit and warrant future celebrations. And that's exactly what is happening as the Griz Pep Fest is returning to the Missoula SCHEELS' parking lot at the end of August.

The countdown to kickoff is on!

Football season is almost upon us once again. Last year saw the Griz get a win in the Brawl of the Wild and ride the momentum into the playoffs before eventually seeing their season come to a close. This year's team looks hungry and ready for battle as five members of the Griz have been named to the preseason All Big-Sky team. With high hopes for this year, it should be a ton of fun as Missoula gathers to celebrate all things Griz with the Pep Fest.

When is the party?

Grab your gear! The 2022 Griz Pep Fest happens August 25 from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM - just over a week before the opening game of the season!

A bunch of fun activities for all ages!

Pep Fest will include:

-Free GRIZ NATION yard signs for the first 500 fans
-Food Trucks
-Kids Bouncy Houses
-Youth Axe Throwing
-Performances by the Griz Marching Band, Cheerleaders, and Monte
While you're there you can enter to win a Traeger Tailgater. That would be a nice addition to your game-day celebrations! Five lucky winners will also score a GRIZ / SCHEELS Yeti Tumbler.
All the Griz Pep Fest details can be found HERE.

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