On August 16, 2017 many lives were shattered when 15 year-old Marilyn Pickett and 24 year-old Jackson Wiles were killed and their bodies dismembered by Augustus Standingrock and Tiffanie Rae Pierce.

At their sentencing hearing in Missoula District Court before Judge James Harkin, both were given two life terms without restriction for parole.

One of the aspects of the hearing was the opportunity for family and friends of the deceased and the defendants to speak before the court. Marilyn Pickett’s step sister Kameo Pickett spoke primarily to Tiffanie Pierce, who wept while flanked by her public defenders.

Kameo Pickett appeared on the KGVO Talk Back show on Thursday morning and related her history with Marilyn, whom she met for the first time when Marilyn was only four years old. She shared her history with Marilyn up to her death at the hands of Pierce and Standingrock.

“They didn’t even know Marilyn,” said Pickett. “You didn’t even know her but you decided that you were going to take her life along with another person’s life. From Tiffanie’s standpoint I wanted to let her know that you want to try to say that you didn’t do this and that you were scared or you were forced into it. That’s not true.”

Pickett continued with her comments about Tiffanie Pierce.

“Just think about it,” she said. “They drove the car to the weigh station and left the car there. They actually went to the store, she went to the store and bought these chemicals and these tubs to do this with and she was the one participating in the cleanup. She went to Kyle’s job and was bragging about it and in jail she told another person what she did and in a boisterous type of way.”

Pickett said she believed that Pierce was attempting to deceive the people in the courtroom during the sentencing hearing.

“She can put this little girl little innocent façade up in front of their faces, but she is deviant in the background, trust me, don’t believe that,” she said. “Don’t believe that cute little face that she’s trying to present today. That’s not her. So, that’s what I wanted to get out.”

Pickett was extremely grateful for all the efforts of law enforcement and the county attorney’s office with their victims advocates who helped her get through the tragic loss of her sister.

Pickett said eventually she wants to move away from Missoula closer to her native California.

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