Nearly 140 people showed up for a Republican Lincoln Reagan Havre, Montana? When was the last time they even had a Lincoln Reagan dinner in Circle, Montana? 125 people showed up for the event in Circle. Something bigger must be happening here.

For those who haven't spent much time in Eastern Montana- Circle, Montana is a very small farming community. Apparently the current population in Circle is 605 people. Meanwhile, Havre is on the Hi Line. It's a decent sized farming, ranching and railroad town. It also was historically a Democrat stronghold in Hill County. Not anymore.

Something bigger is obviously happening, but what is it?

Attorney General Austin Knudsen: I think people are awake. I think people probably got a little complacent under President Trump and thought things were great. And you know, Joe Biden gets elected and everyone goes well, okay, that happens. But now you see just how far they've swung in one year. And now I think you've got people going, whoa, holy cow, hit the brakes here. People are awake, people are paying attention.

I shared part of my conversation with Montana's Attorney General Austin Knudsen, a Hi Line native from Culbertson, yesterday.

AG Knudsen: I've actually never been to a Lincoln Reagan Day dinner in McCone County. It's my backyard. You know, I'm a class 2-C guy, played basketball against Circle. Certainly been there lots of times, but had never been to a Lincoln Reagan Day dinner and I honestly expected maybe 20-25 people. There was probably 125 people showed up for this.

Here's the full chat:


Aerial view of Havre, Montana:


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