In part three of our coverage from the Montana Freedom Rally at the Capitol in Helena, we introduce you to one of the main speakers- Josh Yoder with US Freedom Flyers.

Josh Yoder: We're a group of pilots that stood up back in August of last year, standing up against the mandates. You saw the massive meltdowns that happened to Southwest and American Airlines. The reason that happened, it wasn't weather like the airlines told people that it was. It was because they're mistreating their employees- highly unpopular.

Specifically, Yoder said the pilots and others were speaking out against the mask mandates, vaccine mandates, and more. He says Freedom Flyers quickly grew beyond an organization of just pilots, and grew to passengers, other employees, and more.

Josh Yoder: It's absolutely unconscionable what's going on in terms of the mandates at the airlines in forcing people to get these jabs they didn't want. There's a tremendous amount of coercion that's going on. And what the airlines and the FAA don't want you to know is that there are- many pilots are having adverse reactions to these jabs, lots of people losing their flight medicals. I know people that are flying right now with severe adverse reactions, chest pain, things like that. I hear about this all the time.

He says the airlines are putting safety at risk and creating a dangerous environment. Yoder says their group is now launching lawsuits against the Biden Administration and several airlines.

Full audio of our chat with Josh Yoder at the Montana Freedom Rally at the capitol in Helena.

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