The Montana Democratic Party chose Butte schoolteacher, and first-term state legislator Amanda Curtis on Saturday morning as their candidate for the U.S. Senate.

Curtis is replacing former Lt. Governor John Walsh on the ballot, who stepped away from the race after a plagiarism scandal.

KGVO listener and regular caller to the Talk Back show, Susie Reber Orr, attended the nominating convention, as well as a pre-function for Curtis on Friday night.

"What impressed me the most about Amanda Curtis was that rather than trying to answer all the questions on a variety of subjects, from coal and climate change to Indian issues, she emphasized the fact it was important to win the election first, and then tackle all the other important subjects later," Reber Orr said. "She said that she was more of a listener when it came to politics, and that she tried to investigate all aspects of a topic before she came to a decision, and not just talking all the time."

Reber Orr said the process of nominating and electing Curtis was done efficiently at their meeting place in Helena.

"Curtis' name was put in nomination, along with Dirk Adams and both were seconded, and then the vote was taken," she said. "Then after about a 20 minute break they announced the results, with Curtis at 82 and Adams at 48 votes."

Curtis will hit the ground running in the race against Republican Rep. Steve Daines, who has a huge head start in fundraising and name recognition. The election is in November, and the Montana race is pivotal in deciding if Democrats can retain control of the U.S. Senate.

KGVO listener Susie Reber Orr


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