Yesterday, June 26, Montana's U.S. Representative Steve Daines lambasted the presidents recently proposed plan for curbing global warming through EPA enforcement of Coal and Oil facilities. Here is how Daines introduced his speech on the House floor.

"We are the leaders back here standing for the working middle class of this country, standing for jobs, for revenues that go to our schools and the tax base, and for low cost energy," said Daines. "This president says one thing but the consequence of his policy is something that will ultimately only benefit the elite and the wealthy in this country"

Daines spoke extensively about NorVal Energy and the effect of energy prices in Glasgow if the Keystone Pipeline is built. Daines said a completed pipeline will help keep rates low for at least ten years, but if the pipeline is not built Montana rates would jump by up to 40 percent.

"Mr. President, these costumers at NorVal live month to month. They live paycheck to paycheck. This is what is helping American, middle class, hard working taxpayers survive by expanding our energy production," said Daines. "Declaring a war on energy right now, is declaring a war on American family's who are struggling every month to make ends meet"

Daines vowed to fight what he called “the president's Job killing agenda,” and said that the president's proposed executive orders would hurt hard working Americans and lead to unnecessary bureaucratic red tape.

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