Congressman Steve Daines' office has been busy during the past couple of weeks as calls pour in over the issue of Syria.

"The response from Montanans has truly been overwhelming," said Communications Director for Daines' Office Alee Lockman. "This is an issue that the people of our state are very interested in, very informed about, and have very strong opinions about. In fact, we have seen, by at least 100 to 1, that Montanans are opposed to military action in Syria."

Lockman said that a possible military engagement with Syria has spurred more phone activity than any other issue during Daines' time in office.

"We've had well over 3,000 people contact our office," Lockman said.  "We receive a lot of communication everyday. Some of the larger issues include protecting second amendment rights and issues involving getting government spending under control, but above and beyond, the issue of whether or not we should pursue military action in Syria has received more overwhelming opposition than any other issue."

Daines is scheduled to attend a high security briefing on the issue of military intervention in Syria this evening, Monday, September 9.

Alee Lockman: