The National Weather Service Office in Missoula is looking at the summer of 2014 to be perhaps a bit warmer, and a bit wetter than last year.

Meteorologist Luke Robinson had the details on the first official day of summer, June 21.

"Right now, we're looking at near-normal temperatures, maybe just a little bit above normal, "Johnson said. "As for precipitation for this summer and early fall, it looks like it could be slightly above normal."

Robinson recalled some very hot, dry spells in the summer of 2013, which will probably not be repeated so much this year.

"We can expect some very hot days, but we probably won't be as dry as we were then," he said. "But as for an overall picture, I think we'll be about normal."

As far as flooding goes for the major rivers in Western Montana, Robinson said they should stay in their banks, unless the area receives some major weather events.

"Right now, the rivers are running high and fast, but we're not expecting any flooding in the near future," Robinson said. "However, if we were to get a system with another three, four, or even five inches of rain with the snowpack that we still have, then we could have some minor issues. It would take some major rainfall to encounter those kinds of issues."

National Weather Service Meteorologist Luke Robinson