Questions are still unanswered about the country's Job Corps program. Montana Senators Jon Tester and Steve Daines have proposed a bipartisan bill that would halt any closure or reorganization of the job skills program for the next two years. President Trump recently said that the Anaconda Job Corps Center will not be closed as previously announced. However, Senator Tester is concerned that most of the centers would be transferred from the Department of Agriculture to the Department of Labor, where privatization plans would affect jobs at the Civilian Conservation Corps.

An Open House for Trapper Creek Job Corps Center is scheduled for Tuesday, June 11, at the Bitterroot College in Hamilton. The 6 p.m. gathering will let the public meet some of the staff and students from the center south of Darby. There will also be information how people can write their legislators and Secretary of Agriculture and Secretary of Labor to support the Senate bill. The Bitterroot College is at the corner of 9th and Main in Hamilton.

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