Gallatin County

Billings Levy Vote Sends Big Message for 2020 Elections
This vote is symbolic of the broader voter sentiment as we head into the 2020 elections this October and November. This vote is yet another sign that Montanans and Americans are sick and tired of the violent rioting, looting, and despicable attacks on law enforcement.
Faith, Hope & Freedom in Bridger Canyon
All you can see that was left of the home was the fireplace, the foundation, and a flag pole with a burned, tattered flag still waving in the wind. In the next photo, a brand new American flag delivered by Gallatin County Sheriff's deputies
Two Confirmed Influenza Cases In Montana [AUDIO]
The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services has confirmed two cases of influenza in Gallatin County. Flu season typically lasts until May and will sicken as many as 200,000 Montanans during a severe season. Chief of the Communicable Disease Bureau, Jim Murphy, says these confirmed cas…