Audio: Dissecting the True Cost of Medicare for All
Michael Tanner with the CATO Institute penned a must-read column for National Review looking at the true costs of "Medicare for All."
He joined us on Montana Talks with Aaron Flint to go over the highlights. Click below for the audio:
Here's an excerpt from the piece:
Sanders doe…
Medicare Advantage Deadline Looms In Early December
Montana Insurance Officials are reminding Medicare-eligible Montanans that they only have until December 7 to shop for a new Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug Plan for 2017.
Sanjay Talwani, spokesman for Montana Insurance Commissioner, Monica Lindeen, said open enrollment ends on December 7...
Montanans Have Saved Over $4M On Prescription Drugs [AUDIO]
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced today that as of the end of October, more seniors and people with disabilities on Medicare have seen significantly lower costs for important health care – through both discounts on brand-name drugs in the Medicare Part D "d…