He is a president who is cheered by conservatives and conservationists alike. In fact, if you travel to Yellowstone National Park through Gardiner, Montana- you'll see a quote in honor of President Teddy Roosevelt etched on the arch above the entrance.

Earlier this morning on the radio we had a caller, Craig from Missoula, ask a great question.

Craig: I was listening to the news this morning, and out front of the New York Museum there is a statue, I would assume, on horseback of Theodore Roosevelt that they're trying to get rid of. And then I was just thinking that those of us up here in Montana would probably love to have that statue. And so I was just just calling to inquire how would all of us get together and approach the New York museum and say- 'Hey,we will certainly take Teddy off your hands."

What a great idea. Maybe we could have the statue out in front of the brand new Montana Historical Society museum in Helena? In fact, while we're at it- why don't we start collecting all of the art, statues, and other American history artifacts that the Left is demanding be torn down- and house it here in Montana? If the Left wants to tear down statues of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass, we will gladly house those monuments and statues here.

It also got me thinking about how we sent teams across enemy lines during World War II, and we had teams in Iraq working to secure historical artifacts, paintings, etc- and yet here we have people in our own country tearing down our own history and artifacts.

What a great idea. Let's put a team together to go out there and bring this American history back here to Montana.

So what about the Teddy Roosevelt statue? Could we bring it back here to Montana from New York? Looks like North Dakota (pronounced Nort' Dakota) already beat us to the punch. Another listener, Laura, told me that North Dakota is getting the statue. Dangit.

The New York Post has the story:

The New York City Council voted unanimously for the removal of the iconic statue and will be sending it to the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library in North Dakota.

Well, at least it's a relatively short trip for some of us.


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