Lets be honest we have all been on a flight sitting next to or near someone that has done something crazy or annoying. It's all in good fun most of the time, but here are some great stories from Missoulians.

I was recently on a flight where a couple played those hand slapping rhymes we learned as kids, the whole flight. I tend to get sick and am not the best flyer anyway so I am sure at some point I will be that person. Thanks to the locals for chiming in and helping. Here are some of the best comments!

Kendra Coombes said: "The lady next to me fell asleep holding her toddler, toddler started screaming, she remained asleep this whole time. He crawled into my lap and we sat like that the rest of the flight."

Pete Aklestad said: "3 ladies wearing surgical masks, attempting to play a ukulele, and sing Hawaiian songs off key for 3 plus hours on the flight to Hawaii. They were under the false pretenses we all enjoyed it as much as they did. The air sickness bags were nearly deployed."

Our buddy Barrett from NBC Montana said someone was clipping their toenails next to him. Gross! One of my favorites was from Heather Blom, who said her husband was flying to Japan and she loaded a bunch of movies on his iPad... that had plane crashes in them. Needless to say everyone was not liking him on the flight. I asked if she intentionally did that as a joke and she said that she had no idea and didn't even realize.

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