I first heard about Steve Deace through Greg Franks at the Summit Cigar Lounge back here in Montana. He told me, "you gotta follow this guy." Deace has been spot on with the COVID-19 nonsense in particular.

Steve Deace hosts one of the top 100 news podcasts in the country for The Blaze TV. Coming up Saturday night, he will be here in Montana headlining the Yellowstone County Lincoln Reagan Day Dinner in Billings. (Click here for ticket info)

I spoke with Deace Wednesday morning, shortly after he got hit with a temporary ban on Twitter for sharing a peer-reviewed article critical of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Q from Aaron Flint: I never know what I'm going to talk about. But you're a professional. What are you planning on talking about this Saturday at the Yellowstone County Lincoln Reagan dinner?

A from Steve Deace: I think that the the number one point that needs to be stressed is the urgency of the moment that we are in culturally right now. And this isn't going to be, you know, some 20-year plan to turn things around...normal is gone forever, normal is never coming back. And so what's going to be defined now is what the new normal will be. And I think we have to understand that we have to radicalize at a level that in the past we've been unwilling to. Otherwise you're living in a terminal generation of a cultural implosion, socio economic- comprehensive- education. Every institution, there's not a single institution, and I say this is a Christian, I wouldn't even give the church the benefit of the doubt if you watch what's going on with the Southern Baptist Convention or what this pretend Pope tweets or says on a daily basis. So I really think we need to radicalize at a level and beyond just- 'be the silent majority and vote Republican every four or 2, 4 or 6 years to change and save America.' That ain't gonna cut it, brother.

Oh yeah, and why did he get banned on Twitter? Full audio with Steve Deace:

The Steve Deace Show:

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