I saw a few things which took place that make me proud to say I live in Missoula. I was drawn in by a post on Facebook Aaron Traylor put up. The story is about a young Missoula woman named Alisa Hoke. Although she just turned eighteen, she has already been through a lot. She had been diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2008 and has been battling ever since. Check out this story for more info on Alisa and her situation. Her dream is to meet Tim Tebow and because of a few great Missoula residents, that dream is going to happen! Thanks to Aaron for setting it into motion and to the Missoulians out there that cared and helped make her dream come true! Be sure to check out this very cool story.

I would also like to thank the citizens that helped others in this crazy amount of snow we currently have. I live in the south hills and my car could not make it up the hill to my house. The walk wasn't bad, only being around a mile long, yet during these walks I frequently had people stop and ask if I needed a ride. The day after the first big snow, there were four cars that had gotten stuck trying to make it home. I helped push them out and there were also many others who stopped to help as well. That day, I got stuck four times on my way to work and every time there were people I didn't know who stopped to help.

The people here in our city are nothing short of amazing, and these two stories are great examples of why Missoula is the best place to live. I am proud to say I live in Missoula, Montana.