The country is so starkly divided under Joe Biden. The Biden Administration is weaponizing federal law enforcement against their political opponents. One commenter asked if we as a nation are close to a civil war.

"We're in a civil war now."  That's how retired US Army Major General Paul Vallely responded on our statewide radio talk show Tuesday morning.

Gen. Vallely: The President takes the oath. He's violated that oath- Biden has over and over again. The generals and admirals have violated their oath. So we have these people- but nothing's being done about it. And that's why I say at the local level the sheriffs have a lot of power if they'd exercise it. The governors need to do more. And in the cities, I would use the National Guard to go into these nests and clean them out- help the police out- let's fund the police. And if these DA's and mayors are not doing their job, put them under arrest. Put somebody else in. We cannot let America deteriorate any faster than it's deteriorating now. And I would say we're in a civil war now, and it's bloody on the streets because of criminals.

We were talking with General Vallely about his three latest books that are now available: America's End Game for the 21st Century, Reality Prism, and Mindless War. All three can be found by clicking here.

I also got his take on the Secretary of the Army claiming that the military is not "woke" and is trying to stay out of politics. "Woke" politics and the COVID vaccine mandate is blamed for the military missing recruiting goals. The Army National Guard, according to the AP, is losing more soldiers than are enlisting. Valley says we are seeing a "total dismantlement" of our military.

General Vallely: We're not prepared to go to war right now with these 'woke' generals and admirals because what their focus is on- critical race theory. And again, as I say, down the ranks the troops understand that. So reenlistments are down 40%. We may lose up to 300 pilots out of the Air Force within the next year. The dismantling of America because of the mandatory vaccines, the lean to the Left of ideology of teaching CRT when they should be focusing on readiness, and what we call unity. It was the unity of the people of the military that brought us together, unifying all of us. There was no color involved. 44% of my company in Vietnam, the 101st, were black soldiers. But we never talked black. We never talked white. We were all soldiers with the 101st Airborne. But we have got to find a way to find officers who can lead our armed forces with the threats we face- South of the Border and from China specifically.

Here's the full audio with General Vallely on "Montana Talks":

Here's another recent interview with General Vallely from CPAC Texas:


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