After a slight slowdown, the number of felony cases in Missoula was back up in the double digits this past week, December 11, according to County Attorney Kirsten Pabst.

"We filed 16 new complaints this last week," Pabst said. "There two violent cases, one was a family strangulation allegation in which the victim allegedly was the suspects pregnant girlfriend, there was also a robber in which the victim was held at bat and knife point and allegedly the defendant made threats."

A large bulk of the cases involved either theft or DUI.

"There were a handful of endangerment crimes, one child endangerment where there was an alleged DUI with a child in the car," Pabst said. Two felony DUIs, one in which the suspect was three times over the legal limit. There was also a negligent endangerment. A whole bunch of theft cases were filed and a burglary and a criminal mischief."

There were also three felony drug cases, one of which included a charge of intent to distribute.

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