Two mischievous middle aged men finally mustered up the courage to right a wrong they committed over twenty years ago with a hilarious apology.

We were all young once making some less than smart decisions. I look back and I want to laugh and cry. I'm just lucky I made it out alive or not in prison. I do have some regrets, however. I've definitely had a few drinks and in my "less than sober" state, have shared in vandalism. (Here is where I apologize to the hotel in Bozeman for smashing their landscaping lights on Y2K because I was hammered and I thought the world was ending).

For this gentleman, the guilt of a twenty-year prank finally got the best of him, and he decided to make things right. I came across this post on reddit and I knew I had to share it. Maybe it will give someone else the courage to fix some mistakes they made as a young adult, but if nothing else, it's a great story with an even better laugh.

Kudos to you, anonymous vandal. You did the right thing.




This is a very difficult letter to write, so I suppose I should start at the beginning.

Twenty years ago, my colleague and I engaged in a night of spirited revelry in the upbeat taverns of downtown Bozeman. Upon conclusion of our merrymaking (i.e., closing time), we proceeded to stagger home to our bachelor's abode. While serenading the sultry night at the top of our lungs with classic country and chart topping 90's gangsta rap, we happened upon two fellow gentleman debauchers. Our two parties quickly sized each other up, and determined that we were all like-minded individuals. They then proposed to us a seemingly harmless caper. My compadre and I, both being lifetime residents of the greater Bozeman area and neither one a stranger to shenanigans, quickly and excitedly subscribed to  the idea. Thus ensued one of the greatest heists in the history of our town: The Theft of the Pickle Barrel Sign.

Our original intention was to return the sign within a year and laugh about it for years to come. Sadly though, as you all can see, we failed to live up to our own standards. They years went by and the sign was forgotten. I can assure you though that sign was never mistreated, nor disrespected. It has spent it's last twenty years residing in the darkest, uppermost recesses of the attic above my old garage, and most recently tucked quietly in the back corner of my wife's garden shed. However, my crony and I recently concluded that after all these years, it is time for the Pickle Barrel Sign to finally be returned to it's rightful home.

Above all, we would both like to express our deepest and most sincere apologies for committing such a grievous criminal act so many years ago. As professionals in the Bozeman community, my associate and I both pride ourselves on our moral character. Our families, as well as careers are of the utmost importance to both of us, and so for obvious reasons, we will both try to conceal ourselves behind the shameful cloak of anonymity. We beg of you, please find it in your hearts to forgive two such repentant malefactors.

Most Sincerely and Contrite,

Two Middle Aged Dudes Who Made A Drunken Mistake A Long Time Ago


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