This Montanan pulled an all nighter in Las Vegas during the NFR. No it wasn't THIS guy- as in me- but this was great.

We put the word out that we were going to be heading down here to Las Vegas for the National Finals Rodeo and Cowboy Christmas, and we told any Montanans who were going to be down here to come join us. One of our great radio listeners from the Flathead Valley made it happen- even after pulling an all nighter on the town with friends.

Tanner Smith dropped by and joined us for a great conversation- even after pulling an all nighter on Wednesday night. And I got a kick out of this- he says he's not even a gambler. He says it's more fun to watch other people lose money.

He told me one of the main reasons he and his friends have been coming to the NFR is because it is about celebrating American, celebrating the West, and celebrating the Western lifestyle.

Tanner Smith: Times like this, we think Americana is kind of dying. I think all people need to come to events like this because it really shows that America is still alive and well.

Smith said he especially appreciates the patriotism of the rodeo and the NFR. Before the events, they say the Lord's Prayer, they say the pledge, and on Wednesday night they paid special tribute to our nation's veterans.

Here's the full audio of our chat from Thursday morning:


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