If your doctor has recommended that you receive a COVID 19 booster from Moderna or Johnson and Johnson (Janssen), the Missoula City County Health Department has important news.

COVID 19 Incident Commander Cindy Farr has details.

“Starting on Monday, we will be able to provide boosters for Moderna and Johnson and Johnson in addition to the Pfizer boosters,” said Farr. “Those are recommended for people that are 65 and older, people that are 18 and over who live in long term care settings, people over 18 who have underlying health conditions and people who are 18 and over that live or work in high risk settings such as law enforcement, first responders, medical care, as well as people who you know have frequent interaction with the public.”

Farr said the boosters can be taken no matter what your original vaccination may have been.

“These are actually available as a mix and match option as well,” she said. “So you don't necessarily have to get the same, such as with Pfizer you had to have had Pfizer, however they've now changed that recommendation. So it doesn't matter what you got for your initial doses, you can choose which kind of booster you would like to have.”

Farr said an appointment is necessary to receive your booster vaccine.

“We do need you to make an appointment,” she said. “Starting tomorrow (Saturday) on our website at Missoula info.com, you can book an appointment. The reason that we're asking for people to book appointments is we need to ensure that we have proper staffing for the number of people who are coming in, and also so that we can make sure that we have the right amount of each brand of booster on hand.”

Farr also offered a possible reason why Missoula County medical facilities have not yet offered the monoclonal antibody infusion treatments referenced by Governor Greg Gianforte at his Thursday press conference in Butte.

“Currently, to my knowledge, the monoclonal antibody treatment is not available in Missoula County,” she said. “I believe people are being directed to other larger counties because finding a way to logistically set up an infusion clinic for monoclonal antibodies is pretty complicated, and that's what I believe Community Medical Center, St. Patrick Hospital, and Cost Care are all trying to work through right now.”

At the clinic at Southgate Mall, booster shots will be available by appointment only to assure adequate supply and staffing. The health department is asking county residents to be sure to bring along their COVID-19 vaccination record card. Appointments are available by calling 258-INFO (4636), option 3 or online at missoulainfo.com.

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