First of all, congratulations to all graduating University of Montana students. Tomorrow will be a big day, and enjoy every second of it. Unfortunately now that college is completed, how starts real life. There have been many, many people that have helped me get to where I am in life. And throughout the years you will hear lots of people give you advice. It is entirely up to you if you take that advice, but here are four tips I have received since leaving college that have really helped me.

  • 1

    Apply For Everything!

    As you are applying for jobs, even if you don't have the full skill set the employer is looking for, apply anyway. Often times with a good attitute and being willing to learn you can get that foot in the door.
  • 2

    Work Harder Than Anyone

    This applies to any profession. If you want something, make sure nothing gets in the way of you accomplishing that. There will be lots of people going after the same things in life you are, stand out, work harder and you will see it pay off.
  • 3

    Make Yourself Happy

    Just because you are offered a position that will pay you a good salary, make sure it is what you truly want. If your job pays you a million dollars but you can't see your family or friends, is that worth it to you? Just remember to make yourself happy, it's important.
  • 4

    Dress For Success

    Most people have heard this before, but I do believe it to be true. "Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have". Meaning if you want to be a CEO and the current CEO is always in a suit, don't wear shorts and a hat to work and expect to be noticed.

    Big Sky View of Missoula in May of 2016!

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