Looking for a quick getaway for V-day? Well here are a couple cool spots to go to for a night or two this week.

Now if you don't have plans already, these may be filled up, but just a short drive you can check out these locations and some more Montana fun .


  • 1

    Fairmont Hot Springs

    Great for a soak and ski! Discovery is just down the road a few miles.

  • 2

    Quinn's Hot Springs

    Another hot spring! An hour and a half plus of a drive and you are here. An awesome spot with great food!

  • 3

    Tin Cup Lodge Darby

    This quaint lodge is near Lost Trail for some skiing plus Darby for a romantic dinner! Even could fly fishing depending on weather....

  • 4

    Silver Mountain Resort

    Indoor water fun and outdoor skiing fun. This is a fun getaway! Silver Mountain Resort in Idaho. This one is the longest drive of the bunch but not bad.

  • 5

    Rock Creek Mercantile Cabins

    This of course is one of my favorite spots! A quick 20 minute drive and near the Sapphire Mountains is where you will reside. Rock Creek Mercantile has cabins!

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