Missoula County is offering tours of the Clerk and Recorder/Treasurer departments this week and next for individuals interested in seeking the Democratic Central Committee's nomination for the general election in November.Missoula County Communications and Project Manager Anne Hughes said the county commissioners filled the remainder of the current term of Clerk and Recorder/Treasurer effective Monday, June 16th, but the Democratic Central Committee will conduct a process to determine who's name will appear on the ballot in November.

"The Democratic Central Committee is going to be putting a name on the ballot for the November election," Hughes said. "They have their own process for deciding whose name they're going to decide goes on the ballot in November. All we're doing at the county is making sure that any folks who are interested in that job have the opportunity to ask questions and have a really good understanding of what the position is responsible for."

Hughes said the county wants to ensure that any candidate interested in seeking the position of elected Clerk and Recorder/Treasurer has every opportunity to learn and ask questions about the duties and responsibilities of the position.

"We're going to have a meeting Thursday at noon," Hughes said. "We'll meet at the Clerk and Recorder/Treasurer/Motor Vehicle Department on the first floor of the annex of the county courthouse at 200 West Broadway. We'll have another tour, Monday, June 23 and we'll meet at the exact same spot."

All tours begin at 4 p.m.