The excitement is building around Missoula as we look ahead to June. For the first time since 2019, we'll have all the festivities and fun that come with Missoula Marathon weekend. After two summers of putting the marathon on the back burner, we'll see the return of the Missoula Marathon, the Missoula Half Marathon, and the newly renamed Tony Banovich Missoula 5k. The latter pays tribute to the former Race Director for the Missoula Marathon and Executive Director of Run Wild Missoula who passed away in late 2020. It will be so great to see Missoula and the weekend's visitors come together to welcome the marathon back for 2022!

Have you run the Missoula Marathon before? Looking to try for the first time?

Where do you rank when it comes to your interest in running the marathon? If you can't understand why anybody would voluntarily run for FUN without being forced to by the threat of physical violence, then the following info may not be for you. But if you're interested in some information that will help you in your quest to prepare for running the Missoula Marathon, come along and we'll try to get you headed down the right path.

Some simple questions answered when it comes to preparing for the marathon

With the marathon fast approaching, I reached out to the Executive Director of Run Wild Missoula, Trisha Drobeck, to get some answers to a few basic questions. Think of this as a crash course to get you started on your way to running the Missoula Marathon.

Q: I'm a pretty good athlete when it comes to playing video games, I should be able to roll off the couch and jump into the marathon, right?
A: Give yourself time. You need about 4 months to train to run a full 26.2-mile marathon.

Q: I can probably just "wing it" in those 4 months and be fine as long as I'm running a little bit?
A: Get a plan - you'll need a training schedule to build your mileage up to race day.

Q: Since I run the marathon as a solo competitor I should probably train solo to make sure I'm focusing on my personal achievements?
A: Get training partners. It's way easier if you have someone to train with.

Q: Training should be my little secret until I'm ready to show off at the marathon?
A: Tell people! Hold yourself accountable and have people that will cheer you on through the entire process.

Practice - just like getting good at anything, you have to practice running, practice eating and drinking while running, practice the shoes and clothes you want to wear, and practice everything else about race day. You need to train your body and mind for the big day. -Trisha Drobeck, Executive Director of Run Wild Missoula-

Photo: Miguel A. Amutio via Unsplash
Photo: Miguel A. Amutio via Unsplash

Want to really dig deep into how to prepare for the Missoula Marathon?

There's also a training class you can sign up for with Run Wild Missoula. They've been holding it for 15 years and it's specifically designed for those interested in the Missoula Marathon and Missoula Half Marathon. You'll know everything to do before, during, and after you run the marathon. Get answers to things like what you should be eating and drinking, what practice runs are the most important, what to wear on race day, how long your running shoes last, and more. More info HERE.

You can learn more about the Missoula Marathon and register for events HERE.

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