61 year-old Richard Siebert, the transient that has been the subject of a manhunt for several weeks regarding alleged sexual assaults on minor girls appeared in Missoula Justice Court on Thursday.

He was accused of various sexual assaults that allegedly occurred at both the Madison Street Footbridge and the California Street Footbridge.

Missoula Deputy County Attorney Meghann Paddock said Siebert was charged with three separate counts of felony sexual assault involving a minor, and requested bail at $25,000, the amount stated in the fugitive warrant for his arrest. Paddock explained Siebert’s criminal history.

“The state notes that this defendant has a history of sexual offenses on his record including indecent exposure, sexual assault, immoral or indecent acts with a child,” said Paddock. “He’s also already a registered sex offender and has been previously convicted of not keeping his registration up to date.”

Paddock continued with Siebert’s extensive criminal history.

“His criminal history is 23 pages long and ranges from misdemeanor assault to drug charges to sexual offenses that span 11 states,” she said. “He is transient and has no ties to the community and has several failures to appear on his record including extra-jurisdictional warrants and a fugitive complaint out of the state of Idaho.”

Another report stated that Siebert, who goes by the nickname ‘Jersey’, was also a registered sexual offender in Wyoming.

Judge Landee Holloway set bail at $25,000 and remanded Siebert back to the Missoula County Jail.



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