With a general warning to not drive on forest roads in the Bitterroot National Forest, a specific advisory has been issued for the Gash Creek Road west of Victor. Tod McKay of the Bitterroot Forest said the area has received over 60 inches of snow since February. The road that accesses the Bear Creek Overlook has been reduced to one lane with no pullouts. As with other trailheads, no plowing has been done at Gash Creek, prohibiting public parking. He reminds visitors that parking on private land is not permitted.

McKay also cautioned against backcountry travel because the temperatures are rising and spring breakup is expected to bring flooding to many areas of the Bitterroot National Forest. When the roads are wet, travel only increases the ruts and damage, leading to erosion and possible closures. However, if you do travel up into the Bitterroot National Forest and notice some damage, downed trees, plugged culverts or other flooding, please notify the Bitterroot National Forest as soon as possible. There are regular condition updates and road closures on the Bitterroot National Forest Facebook page.

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