They were staying very close to homes, but fortunately there were no serious bear-human conflicts. This time.

This week's news from Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks called to mind a grim story we posted about a fatal grizzly bear mauling just 11 months ago, near Ovando, less than 50 miles from where these captures occurred. And while these two bears didn't necessarily appear to pose a major threat, their presence could not be ignored and proactive measures were taken to prevent conflicts in this rural neighborhood.

FWP officials captured two female grizzly bears this week, in the lower Blackfoot Valley, about 10 miles from Bonner, Montana. Both bears were about two years old. And sadly, one was one euthanized due to what was determined to be a serious injury.

One was relocated to a remote area the next day, near the headwaters of Boles Creek.  But the other was euthanized due to an old injury that had led to a serious infection.

A local veterinarian was called in to diagnose the bear’s injury to see if treatment might be an option. The serious infection looked to be an old injury that had caused the grizzly bear to lose its foot. Too much time had passed to determine exactly what caused it. But the bear's infection had progressed to a point that the veterinarian felt that it had to be euthanized.

We all get more than our fair share of "bear aware" reminders in Montana. But preventing a conflict is easier than dealing with one. If you see a bear or bear sign near your residence or need to report a conflict, Montana FWP has a handy contact list of bear specialists nearest to you.

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