This Saturday is graduation day at the University of Montana. Rather than piling dumpsters with unneeded dorm room trappings though, ASUM is trying to get students to donate their unneeded college belongings for a big thrift sale.

"During student move-out, students tend to get rid of a lot of their stuff. Last year we started a program to encourage students not to throw all of that stuff in the trash," ASUM off-campus Renter Center Director Katherine Auge said. "A lot of it is only gently used, only used for a year; So we collect all of that stuff at four collection sites on campus, and two off [campus]."

The money from the thrift sale will go to help maintain the UM recycling program. Auge said that last year's thrift sale was a big hit.

"We had tons of stuff. We had so much left over we donated all of that to Goodwill. We weren't even able to sell everything we had," Auge said. "But the good stuff did go pretty quickly. We get a lot of microwaves, mini-fridges, a lot of small furniture that would be in an apartment or small room, but we did have a ton of good stuff left over at the end of the day."

The thrift sale will be open to the public on Thursday, May 19, at the Schreiber Gymnasium on campus.