U.S. News and World report recently ranked the University of Montana in the top 150 public universities in the nation.

Dr. Tom Crady, the University of Montana’s Vice President for enrollment and student affairs said he was especially proud of UM’s School of Business.

“When it comes to Business Administration, the closest university in Montana to us is 100 spots below us,” said Crady. “We’re feeling very good about our business program.”

However, the question most often asked of Dr. Crady, who was specifically hired to increase enrollment, was how does enrollment look for fall?

“We know that registration this year is higher than last year for the incoming class, but we’re waiting for students to actually confirm their bills. That’s a process that takes until Thursday. Then, they shut the system down and do a final count.”

Crady did have unofficial numbers as of Tuesday morning at 9:00 a.m.

“The registration numbers as of right now are 11,982 students, and that’s about 500 students below last year, and the reason is because we had a huge graduating class last year. I knew before I accepted the position that we weren’t going to make the overall enrollment the first year, but the good news is that our budget is set for 11,400, so at 11,982 we’re feeling pretty good.”

Crady said the official numbers could be released by Friday, or next Monday. .

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