In order to get through the University of Montana within four years, many students choose to stay in Missoula or study online during the summer.

Director of UM Summer, Grace Gardner, said the school is offering more classes, free math tutoring and discounted on-campus housing for students.

“We’ve really enhanced our summer offerings on campus and we’re trying to help students understand that it’s great to get caught up and get ahead on the path to graduation,” said Gardner. “We want to offer the same amenities to students in the summer that we do in the regular school year.”

Gardner said all the classes available in the regular year are also available in the summer.

“There’s a variety of classes available in the summer, over a thousand, actually, with over 200 classes online,” she said. “We have students that are taking full classes online from their homes all over the world. They can take a 12 week session, a six week session, or they can get a complete three credit course done in just three weeks. It’s not easy, but it can be done.”

Gardner said on campus living is available during the summer, as well.

“We’re offering discounted housing for the first time ever on campus, and so UM Housing came up with a great option where students are saving $1,600 to $1.800 living on campus this summer,” she said. “They can live in a single or a double and the Food Zoo is open and they have meal plans for the summer.”

Gardner said there is free math tutoring offered all summer long at both the mountain campus and at Missoula College.

Get tuition information for summer from the UM Registrar’s Office.

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