August 15 through the 19, the University of Montana and the Rocky Mountain Justice Institute will be offering a five-day course addressing best practices in responding to and prevention of sexual assault.

Montana Safe Schools Director Brooke Marshall said the course will build on what the university, the community and law enforcement have already learned over the past few years, after the U.S. Justice Department and Civil Rights Division investigated the issue of sexual assault in Missoula.

"We created a course called "Sexual Assault Response and Prevention," Marshall said. "It involves a number of experts from the University of Montana, the local law enforcement and prosecutorial community, as well as some folks from Helena. Really, what we're trying to do is provide an overview of the sexual violence problem and talk about some of the best practice work being done here in Missoula, like the multidisciplinary teams that are working together to combat this issue, and trying to stop the problem before it happens."

Marshall said those who complete the program will receive certification in their various fields of expertise.

"We have been approved for two University of Montana credits, and those are either undergraduate or graduate credits," she said. "Individuals who are attending will also receive certificates, and we also have continuing education credits so CLE's, CEU's, OPI, and also post-graduates. We're offering this program to not only traditional students but also for community members, like law enforcement, social workers, attorneys, and school staff."

Tuition for the class is $431.40 (+ online registration fee).  If 2 credits from the University of Montana are requested for the program by the participant, a $135 fee applies through the University of Montana.   Registration per day is possible for $95 per day.

Marshall said to register for the program that runs from August 15 through the 19 on the UM Campus, visit this address online.




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