Big Dipper is one of Missoula's most prized possessions! It doesn't matter what time of year it is, what the weathers like, you can always find a line of Missoulians waiting patiently to get their well deserved sweet treat!

I'm a Mocha Chip with rainbow sprinkles girl myself, but sometimes even I dabble with a White Mint Oreo scoop or chocolate milkshake! While these are classic flavors that can be found at Big Dipper all year long, they often bring back Montana favorites when the timing is just right....

There is no ice cream flavor more classic to Montanans than Huckleberry! And with the
University of Montana only a couple blocks away, it only makes sense for the two power houses to join forces. So coming soon to the Big Dipper nearest you (lol), is HuckleBeary ice cream! RIP my healthy eating... See you in line @ Big Dipper my friends!

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