The staff at Sapphire Lutheran Homes Retirement Center greatly increased the Valentine card population in Hamilton. They wanted all their residents to get a valentine or two on St. Valentine's Day. So, they had seven local schools and pre-schools make pouches for each of the 160 apartments in the North 10th Street facility. Then, to fill the up those pouches, the word went out to send valentines to Sapphire.

The first batch that arrived had 50 valentines. But, there were more deliveries - and more deliveries. Community Life Director Dominic Farrenkopf said that over a thousand cards have been received ... so far. (see photo below) Many of the cards were "signed" by very young kids - some less than two years old. (They had help from their parents or teachers.) The retirement home staff has been distributing the cards in the pouches every day and that's kept them busy, because the cards keep coming. It seems that there's a lot of "heart" in Hamilton!

lots of valentines
One of the piles of valentines at Sapphire Lutheran Homes. (Steve Fullerton, Townsquare Media)

The pouches were made by Hamilton Middle School, Daly Elementary School, Washington School, Blodgett View Christian School, Montessori School, Evergreen Kids Corner and Hamilton Christian Academy.

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