Is there going to be a Civil War that starts in Montana? That's what one liberal writer had to say after attending a family reunion in the vicinity of Montana's Paradise Valley. He also dissed what he sees as "bougie" Bozeman, and "trashy" Three Forks.

I had a friend from the area share this story with me and ask me what I thought. My response? "The guy seems like an angry liberal...which kind of makes me glad he doesn't like it here anymore [Insert laughter emoji]."

Now, many of you will agree with his "bougie" criticisms of the change that has taken place in the city of Bozeman and in Big Sky. Remember the billboard in Bozeman that read "Make Bozeman Montana Again"? Our Bozeman friends in particular really loved that billboard, especially the Bozeman natives.

But then he talks about how the working class folks have been pushed out of Bozeman and into outlying towns like Three Forks. He describes this great community of people as "a new kind of country person. Angry, exasperated, poor, Trump-loving service-workers—the Oxy takers, the meth cookers, the eaters of Chick-Fil-A."

Apparently when he showed up in Three Forks he got really offended, and scared, by the bumper stickers he spotted on all the pickup trucks. He writes:

You’ve seen the amount of Trump flags that supporters put on boats and cars; these aren’t the mild mannered conservatives of yore. Their propaganda yells, shrieks something that the other side refuses to hear. In Three Forks, every vehicle is a pickup truck and in every truck bed a hostile dog and on every bumper a hostile statement. “My Carbon Footprint is Bigger than Yours” “Proud to be Everything a Liberal Hates.” “Welcome to Montana, Now Go Home.” “We the People.”

That's what triggered him?

Once again, my initial knee-jerk reaction is to defend great towns like Three Forks, Montana. But then the more I think about it- the last thing we need are more of his arrogant liberal buddies moving here from the Left Coast.

Three Forks is an awesome town. The Sacajawea Hotel has a very cool, historic feel- even cooler if you see Wheat Montana founder Dean Folkvord singing songs and playing guitar on the front steps. Wheat Montana is right down the road. V42 fitness was started by a really cool veterans family. You're close to the Madison River float and much more. But his readers don't need to know how great it is. It's probably best that he scares them all away.

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