On Friday, we brought you the story about two Polson High School students who added "White Pride," "White Power" and "Trump 2016" to their white shirts during a Homecoming Week school spirit event.

Naturally, we had a lot of comments with very different opinions about the subject on our Facebook page. Some said they felt it was incredibly offensive and inappropriate, others said "What's the big deal? It's equal to supporting Black Lives Matter." and some listeners even tried the excuse "they're just kids."

But what about the opinions of the peers of these Polson High School students? I spoke with students from Frenchtown, Kalispell, Big Sky, Hellgate and even a social studies teacher from Sentinel. See what they had to say about the Polson incident above.

Side Note: I asked one group of UM students who attended the UM Homecoming parade for their opinions on the matter, and through a designated spokesperson/friend they were with, they admitted to me that they are racist, but didn't want to admit it on camera. I said "so you're cowards then" and they answered "yes." I also spoke with Missoula Police and politicians who also declined comment on camera.