First, I can’t personally say enough great things about our local Humane Society. With nearly a 100% animal adoption rate, a no-kill shelter, and an absolutely amazing staff this is one of my absolute favorite Missoula institutions.

Five years ago this October I moved back to Missoula. I can tell you, it was a rough transition because I had been living in the sunshine or on a sandy beach for years. I had totally forgotten about the common seasonal depression many of us face here, and boys and girls, it hit me like a ton of bricks being thrown by Thor after he’s shotgunned about 10 Monster Energy drinks. I needed a buddy to get me outside.  Someone to count on me, and be there for me when I get seasonally “bummed out.”  The Humane Society paired me with my puppy, Tesla (named after the outstanding human, not the car company, thank you very much). She’s been one of, if not the best thing to happen to me, and right now they have a furry friend waiting for you too.

I ran across the Humane Society’s recent Facebook post with photos of incredibly adorable puppies for adoption, and I will only use that word when talking about puppies. Trust me. I called their marketing manager to get the details on these fur babies. They have plenty up for adoption, but she said there is a good chance they could all be spoken for by this weekend, so don’t delay.

These puppies will already come spayed/neutered, so no worries there. They will also be up to date on all the age-appropriate shots, but if you adopt them earlier than the rabies shot, you will receive a discount at one of the local Missoula vets. Along with a clean bill of health, you’ll get a leash, and a bag of food they are currently eating to slowly ween them into the new puppy food of your choice. They expect these dogs to be in the medium to large range (about 20-45lbs) full grown. The adoption fee will run you $200, and you also get a free puppy class, and discounts for any other classes you decide to enroll your new best friend in. As far as these classes, again, I can’t say enough good things. I’ve taken Tesla to the puppy classes, basic manners, k-9 good citizen training, and basic agility. All of these classes will make your relationship so much better not with you, but with friends, family, neighbors, etc. Also, this looks really good when applying for a new apartment if you are ever moving or need approval in your current home. 

If you’ve been thinking about adding a puppy to your family, stop by and visit The Western Montana Humane Society.  Make sure to see their hours on google, however, as they can change due to staffing and events. 

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