Everyone has an opinion on this very hot topic around Missoula. The University of Montana Board of Regents just agreed to pay Thomas Crady a $70,000 signing bonus to join the staff as new vice president for both enrollment and student affairs. To be honest, I am not mad at Mr. Crady one bit. He is trying to get the biggest salary possible to support his family, as anyone would do.

The problem that I have with the decision to write in this big signing bonus is the job cuts that took place just months ago. I'm positive the UM President never wanted to make any job cuts, those are never fun. I know the hope is that Mr. Crady can justify the big salary by drastically increasing enrollment, but that amount of money is life-changing to most... does it really need to be that high of a bonus?

Also we have heard from UM that Mr. Crady's salary is actually under the national average. Are you kidding me? Just about every wage in the state of Montana is below the national average. Plus, saying that the recruiting process normally costs around $80,000 and that money wasn't spent finding Mr. Crady does not mean that any applicant is entitled to that money.

Not sure if I will ever understand the thought process behind something like this. Again, I applaud Mr. Crady in even asking for a bonus like this, it takes guts. What do you think?


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