This map is interesting to me since it's not the most trendy costume for Halloween in practically every's about the STRANGEST. And what is even stranger about the state of Montana's choice is that it is shrouded with mystery...

According to Estately the website dove into the Google searches from the past decade to find out which costume we all search for more than anyone else in America...Here's what we found (or for our case, did NOT find..)

  • California: Pregnant nun
  • Wisconsin: Beer
  • Illinois: Slutty Pumpkins
  • New Jersey: Snooki. Bear in mind, this search is from the past 10 years so its safe to say that Jersey Shore used to be (and perhaps still is?) hot.
  • South Dakota: These people simply search for "costume ideas."


As for Montana? Apparently there just isn't enough data to showcase exactly what we are looking for. So, either we already know going into the season what we want, or there simply were not enough inquiries to generate an official entry.

(See the full state-by-state breakdown here)