Montana's Native American population is growing, but in areas where some of you might not expect. The growth in Native American population isn't taking place on the Indian Reservations in Montana, it's taking place in larger population centers like Billings.

That's part of what former Montana Media Trackers reporter and former Montana GOP data analyst Tim Adams had to say when it comes to Montana's legislative redistricting process. Following the 2020 Census, Montana now has to draw new boundaries for the seats represented in the Montana State Legislature.

We all agree that Montana's Native American communities deserve representation in the Montana Legislature. The question is, how best do we provide that representation through the redistricting process? Do we draw lines solely based on reservation boundaries? Should we account for the huge Native American population in the larger towns like Billings and Great Falls? That was one of the questions Tim Adams raised.

He also criticized the Montana Democrat Party's appointees on the redistricting commission for drawing legislative boundaries particularly designed to water down the rural vote and give more power to university districts in college towns like Missoula and Bozeman. (Read his full analysis at "Western Montana News" by clicking here)

Tim Adams: They take Bozeman all the way out to Belgrade for three different districts. They actually take Big Sky and Yellowstone, and then take that all the way over to Red Lodge- even though you're going across three or four counties. If you were to run in that district, you'd have to drive about 200 miles to get to the next city and at the same time you would go through about 10 different districts as you pass through Bozeman.

Here's some other numbers I found interesting, especially considering the fact that the radio show I host is LIVE in Bozeman and in Billings from 6A-10A. We are LIVE from 8A-10A in Kalispell and Great Falls as well, and then the rest of the state joins in for our statewide 9A hour (from Plentywood to Missoula and several other stations in between).

Here's the full audio with Tim Adams:

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